how to properly store your coffee

Coffee Store

The flavour of your coffee depents of many factors, like quality, origin, the toast or coffee brewing. Also during the storage there are some things that you must have in considerationg for the coffee not to lose its flavour after toasting.

Roasted coffee it’s a fresh product and loses its scent over time. The exposure to oxygen leads the oils, fats and waxes presents in coffee to oxidation, so after some time coffee loses its scent and also could have a rancid taste.

Therefore, we recomend consume the coffee right after it’s opened. Once you started consuming a coffee, you can avoid loss of flavour through an ideal storaging and the selection of the correct container.

Tips for the correct coffee storaging

1. Storaging coffee beans is easier. Use whole coffee beans because this flavours are more effective than ground coffee. Fill the machine with only the amount you’ll soon need, on the other hand it’d lose its flavour.

2. After using it, close the coffee package carefully and keep it in a hermetic container. We recomend porcelain and ceramic, but also a lockable tupperware. Additionally, hermetic containers can storage the coffee beans.

3. Storage your coffee beans in a dark, dry and fresh place. For example, in the pantry.

4. Consume your coffee beans between 2 to 6 weeks after buying it. For grounded coffee, our recommendation reduces to 2 weeks; or else, most of the flavours would be evaporated.

5. If you don’t have an automatic blender, grind the coffee as much as you can in a coffee mill. That’s how the coffee gains an aromatic taste.

The previous five advices are significantly influenced by these tree things:


The kind of packaging is important for the storage. It says a lot about how much time and how easily you can preserve your coffee beans.

External influences

Light and heat extract the scent from coffee. You have to choose wisely the storage location.

Serve with moderation

Only the amount of coffee you’re going to consume. solo la cantidad de granos de café que va a consumir. Just grind the necessary beans, coffee loses its flavour if left during a long time.

If you drink coffee every day, you owe it to yourself to take care of your grounds or beans. If you store your food properly, there’s no excuse for keeping your coffee in the wrong place. if you wanna know more just click here