Grinding Recommendations

When should it be

The roasted coffee bean protects all the essential oils of coffee, which are released only when grinding. The coveted cream is produced only with freshly ground coffee, since oils are very volatile.

As soon as oxygen comes into play, coffee loses its aroma. After a few hours, you can clearly see the difference. Therefore, it is better to grind just before preparing the espresso coffee.

With what should i

Actually, “grinding” is the wrong term, because coffee beans
must be broken and not cut, chopped or crushed. This is important so that
essential oils develop properly. If you buy a coffee grinder, you have to be
sure it works by using a conical grinder or a disk grinder.

At what speed should I grind?

As slow as posible, the colder the better.

If the grain gets too hot, it will lose its aroma too soon.
To avoid overheating, you must choose a mill with larger grinding discs. Why?
Because the larger the slices, more grains can be ground at the same time and,
therefore, they can be ground more slowly without being slower than other
mills. And the slower the grind, there will be less heat of friction, and
colder grains.

You can even get mills with cooling, to grind fresh and smooth.

Do not forget to store the coffee beans correctly, you can see some tips in here

How well ground is it?

It depends on the coffee to prepare.

We recommended use the finest grinding for:

  • Moka
  • Aeropress
  • Automatic coffee machine

For espresso coffee machines with an integrated pump, the
degree of grinding must be quite fine, but somewhat thicker for manual lever

An average grinding grade is recommended for coffee filter
machines or for coffee brewing with manual filters:

  • Clever dripper / V60
  • Autodrip
  • Cold brew

Fort he simple press jug, the coffee is better coarsely

  • Chemex
  • French press
  • Siphon vacuum pot

You must always adjust manually the thickness level of the
mill to the coffee machine and to the type of coffee.

How do I recognize
ground coffee too thin or too thick?

When coffee is finely ground, it is recognized that the
coffee particles accumulate in lumps.

The coarse ground coffee can be recognized by the fact that
the coffee particles do not accumulate in lumps, it is looser.

How do I get a strong of soft coffee?

According to the method of preparation and thickness of the grind.

Of course, personal preferences also play an important role.
Do you like strong coffee? Use the grinding grade a little thinner. Or, would
you prefer to have a particularly soft coffee? Then we recommend a little
thicker (medium).

To balance the strong aromas with the bitter ones, the mocha
coffee or the Turkish coffee are often enjoyed sweetly with lots of sugar or
dates and with cakes.