Because we love coffee Because we love coffee Because we love coffee
Because we love coffee
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Because we love coffee
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Because we love coffee
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Because we love coffee, here you can find everything about the product. You will find current information about its production, notes on its cultural impact and you can also find the different recipes with the product.

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how to properly store your coffee

The flavour of your coffee depents of many factors, like quality, origin, the toast or coffee brewing. Also during the storage there are some things that you must have in considerationg for the coffee not to lose its flavour after toasting. Roasted coffee it’s a fresh product and loses its scent over time. The exposure
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Grinding Recommendations

When should it be ground? The roasted coffee bean protects all the essential oils of coffee, which are released only when grinding. The coveted cream is produced only with freshly ground coffee, since oils are very volatile.

Kopi Luwak

Natural waste. Nature gives us poop; we recycle it in coffee.


Varieties of Coffee


Producer Countries


Millons 60-kg Anual bags


USD $ Millions year


Just 4 of the more than 125 different known coffee species are used for human consumption


It is the type of grain that conquers up to almost 80% of world production, without a doubt the king of coffee cups. Coming from the south of Ethiopia, in the first years of its cultivation only its leaves were used to prepare tea.


The concentration of caffeine in these grains, characterized by being clear and large, is 1-1.5%, which is a low value. Its flavor is smooth and pleasant on the palate, sometimes reminiscent of wild aromas and nuts, even acidic touches.

Arabica coffee is considered gourmet.


It is a coffee bean from a bush much more resistant compared to the previous one, so it is possible to grow it in a greater variety of terrains.

The concentration of caffeine in the grain exceeds that of Arabica coffee, which is about 2-3%, in a considerably smaller grain. This characteristic makes Robusta coffee a strong and bitter drink, with a less perfumed smell and a rough texture. Its taste usually reminds of nuts and wood. It is generally used for blends (blends), unlike the previous one, which is gourmet.


Coming from the vicinity of Monrovia, in Liberia, it is a coffee bean that provides a particularly different flavor, so its consumption is not very widespread.

However, it is a type of grain that is very popular in Scandinavian countries.


It was discovered for the first time in Lake Chad, in Africa. In spite of being very similar to the Libérica coffee in the size of the tree and its leaves, it differs in that its flowers, fruits and grains are smaller, as well as of inferior quality.

Both this type of grain and the previous one really have a residual consumption.